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    Arms retracting just as soon as his offer was turned down, the elder Oowada’s hands readjusted themselves to stuff into his pockets once more. He took a half step back to give the kid some space, but reassure him that his presence wasn’t all in his imagination. He stayed quiet as he thought over his reply, letting out a light sigh.

        ❝Y’ain’t bad in the head, Mondo, I know that. Y’just got a skewed sense a’ reality an’ I ain’t too sure where you got it from.❞ Daiya replied in a calm voice, far too concerned about his brother’s hysterics to worry about their surroundings. Fingers combed through the end of his pompadour, swiping the locks upwards to quickly restyle it; using it almost as though a reason for looking away from him.

    Hearing the rustling of paper, the taller male’s gaze traveled down to watch his brother fish around for something in his wallet- and he didn’t know what it was. He simply stayed quiet until it was thrust out into his chest, and he instantly brought a hand up to grab it. His eyes barely skimmed over the words before his heartbeat sped up. Now it was his turn to lose his cool.

    His hand balled up into a fist, bringing the paper into his palm to crumple it as his gaze turned down to his shoes. A shaky breath left him, head shaking lightly.

        ❝What are you tryin’ to pull on me, Mondo? Where’d you get this? I’m still here, aren’t I? What else do ya want from me, huh?❞

     Mondo was not impressed with his brother’s reaction, the younger of the two had no exception or idea how Daiya’s thoughts would pan out. With an agitated groan the brunette gnawed on the inside of his mouth, what was he to say? 

  "From the fuckin’ paper, what do you think!?

     There was no time to nor did the younger brother have any patience, especially when the older sibling had been missing for years. There was no reason to beat around the bush when years, days, and especially memories had been spent without his idol—His brother. Thinking in such a sentimental sense was borderline creepy to Mondo, warming up to his sibling had been hard never mind reuniting after a faux death. He felt his stomach churn.

  "You tell me why you’ve been gone for four years!”

     Mondo shook his head, taking a careful step back as to mind everything around him. Plus a swimming mind on a high made Mondo’s toes feel numb, his limbs like dumbbells as the brunette tried his hardest to prcess any excuse. Drawing an absolute blank Mondo sneered. He truly hated being in the dark. Especially when it came to his brother.  

it s canon i sw ear

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